What Sets Merjj Apart?

Merjj is a premium and customizable business platform that allows you to seamlessly extend your brand — and all of its unique identifiers, language, nuances, and personality — in a virtual environment.

In today’s digitally-oriented world, it’s more essential than ever to connect to your guests, employees and partners in highly engaging and meaningful ways. You’ll need a platform that can combine all of your communications touchpoints by working in concert with your existing online tools.

You can easily monitor and analyze user metrics and engagement levels to readily determine the ROI and efficacy of your programs.

Merjj allows you to connect with your users in ways you might not yet have imagined. You can provide a wide array of real-time interaction and communication in addition to on-demand content that is user specified.

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  • Hosting a virtual event is easier than ever with our unique platform
  • Accommodates every business type, from start-ups to multinational corporations
  • Options that meet an array of business and stakeholder objectives
  • We can provide an end-to-end solution or partner with brand agencies
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  • Integrate your current online tools including video conferencing, streaming, and video hosting
  • Customize all pages, branding, colors, trade show booths, content spaces, registration fields, and more
  • Library of design elements needed to personalize your event, or ability to upload your own designs
  • Serve up custom material in your language of choice and to specified sub-segments of your audience
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  • Users can interact with your content 24/7 in a multitude of ways; games, prizing, leaderboards, badges, polls and surveys, on-demand videos, interactive trade show booths, livestreams and much more
  • Measure success through real-time feedback, including one-on-one chats, breakouts, FAQs, and customer support
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  • Includes individual accounts and segmentation, content management system, gamification, trade shows, social, 1:1 conversations, group and video chat
  • Increase sponsor and vendor participation by offering unique opportunities to engage, converse and promote via a virtual trade show and/or other tailored touchpoints
  • 24/7 brand platform that goes beyond any traditional event and enables you to connect with your guests both in real time and on their time
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  • Strengthen your brand by monitoring insights and analyzing brand metrics
  • Promote communications, team-building and networking opportunities between your guests, stakeholders, employees, and customers
  • Increase sales growth and strengthen relationships by reinforcing your company’s unique culture
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  • Easy to manage all content and communications
  • Fully-responsive for desktop, tablet and mobile
  • User-friendly design enables intuitive interaction and navigation